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The Actrix Home Page of
Albie and Fill Burgers

Hi. This is the home page of Fill and Albie Burgers,
living at Tugela Farm in Golden Bay, New Zealand.

We are Quakers, interested in most things, but especially in
contacts with people worldwide who can share ideas about
world peace, using resources wisely, bringing up children
and simply getting to know other people elsewhere.

Our favourite saying is ...

"Don't talk so fast you say things you haven't even
thought of yet!"

About Us

We farm 120 acres of land, growing cattle, sheep and trees.

Felicity is a (retired) laboratory technician, testing milk and milk products, and
Albie is a (retired) computer trouble-shooter. (Both of us are now part-time farmers on the land.)

We have three wonderful children: Jean, Ian and Peter.

Albie's Projects

Albie is spending his retirement "inventing" and building
alternative energy projects, which you can look at by following this link:
Albie's Projects

Contacting Us:

Please send email to albie(dot)fill(at)gmail(dot)com