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Download ESYPSY

Current ESYPSY Version: 269 - (10 Dec 2010)
Current MANUAL Version: 268 - (30 Aug 2010)

ESYPSY Accounts is a REALLY easy-to-use double-entry bookkeeping system designed for individuals and small businesses in New Zealand.

ESYPSY, like this web page, consists only of the essentials. It has no fancy pictures or graphical printouts. It has just what is necessary to enter your data for each month, and produce just those summaries which you'll need to keep track of your Income and Expenditure for GST and Tax purposes.


You can download and try ESYPSY out for free. You will be able to enter 600 transactions before you run out of initial "Credits".

After this, you should purchase more "Credits" to continue using ESYPSY.
Please read on to find out more about ESYPSY and how much it will cost you to continue using it beyond the free trial period.


ESYPSY provides you with:
- Balance Sheet accounts (Assets and Liabilities)
- Revenue accounts (Income and Expenditure)
- Debtors and Creditors (Invoicing).

ESYPSY works out GST and prints out your GST returns automatically.

You can set up virtually any structure in your Chart of Accounts, with two levels of analysis (Headings and Subheadings).

ESYPSY Reports and Printouts include:
- Transaction List (For any month in the past 2 years)
- Accounts Spreadsheet (Summary of 12-months Activity and Account Balances)
- Account Balances (With Budgets and Prev.Yr. Comparisons)
- GST Report (For any specified period, e.g. 1-month, 2-month, 6-month)
- Debtor Invoice/Statements (If you use the Invoicing section)
- Statements of Financial Performance and Position (Revenue and Bal.Sheet)
- (These last statements are used to prepare your Tax Return for the IRD)

At the end of a financial year, ESYPSY will "roll over" to the next year automatically, preserving Asset and Liability account balances, and transferring Income and Expenditure to a nominated Equity account.

If you'd like to read more about ESYPSY, please follow one of these links:

Chapter 1 - Introduction - (A brief description of ESYPSY and how you pay for it)
Chapter 2 - Installing ESYPSY - (NOTE: Read this BEFORE Downloading!)
The Complete ESYPSY Manual - (About 50 Pages)


NOTE: Before you start, you should read and print Chapter 2 - Installing ESYPSY

When you've done that, then:

1. Create a new folder C:\DOWNLOAD as described in Chapter 2 above
2. Click on the "DOWNLOAD NOW" link below
3. Choose to "Save this file to Disk"
4. Use the "Save In:" Dropdown window to find your way to the C:\DOWNLOAD folder
5. Click "Save" and wait for the file to be downloaded. (Overwrite existing File)
6. Now continue following the instructions in CHAPTER 2

==DOWNLOAD NOW== (For both First-Time and Updates)

Contacting me:

If you have any questions or comments, I'm happy to help in any way I can.
Please send email to info(at)esypsy(dot)co(dot)nz

The ESYPSY Mailing List:
ESYPSY is being improved and updated continuously, and updates are FREE!
Please tell me if you'd like to be added to my Mailing List, and I'll send you an e-mail whenever there is a new update to the program or the manual. (I will NEVER pass on your e-mail address to anyone else!)