Chapter 2:

Installing ESYPSY

(14 October 2006)

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It’s a good idea to PRINT OUT this chapter before starting.

NOTE: If you’re only UPDATING ESYPSY, you only need to do steps 1,2 and 3.


STEP 1: Create a “DOWNLOAD” folder for the ESYSETUP program

(NOTE: If you’ve already got a DOWNLOAD folder, you can skip to step 2 below)

  1. Open “My Computer”, and double-click on the C: drive to open it.

  2. Click “File” -> “New” -> “Folder” and rename the folder to “DOWNLOAD”

(This is the folder which you will download your ESYSETUP program into.)


STEP 2: Download the ESYSETUP.EXE program into this DOWNLOAD folder

  1. Connect to the internet, and go to the web page:

  2. Move down the page to the “ESYPSY DOWNLOADS” section

  3. Click on the words: “DOWNLOAD NOW”

  4. When it asks what you want to do with this file, choose to “Save this file to Disk”

  5. A “Browse-box” will open, and you need to navigate to the C: drive, and find the “DOWNLOAD” folder you created in step 1 above.

  6. Open this DOWNLOAD folder (by double-clicking it), then click on “Save”.

  7. Wait for the file to download to your DOWNLOAD folder. (It’s less than a megabyte….)

  8. When the download has finished, close your browser and Disconnect from the internet.

(NOTE: If you don’t have an internet connection, the ESYSETUP.EXE program can be launched from a Floppy Disk instead. – Contact me at info(at)esypsy(dot)co(dot)nz if you’d like an installation Disk to be sent to you.)


STEP 3: Run the ESYSETUP program to Install ESYPSY

  1. Go to “My Computer” and open the C: drive

  2. Find and open the DOWNLOAD folder in your C: drive.

  3. Find the program called ESYSETUP.EXE and double-click to run it.

  4. The program will suggest a default installation folder “C:\ESYPSY”. You should accept this default unless you have a very good reason to change it.

  5. (For Experts: You can tell ESYPSY to install into any folder anywhere on your computer or on a network, as long as it is mapped to a drive letter. The next time you run the ESYSETUP.EXE program, it will remember where you installed ESYPSY, and default to that folder instead.)

The ESYSETUP.EXE program will do the following:

NOTE: If you’re just UPDATING the program, you should STOP HERE! (‘Coz you’ve already done this next bit, and you don’t need to do it again….)

Test the MANUAL first (by double-clicking the “MANUAL” icon which you’ll find in the ESYPSY folder placed on the desktop.) If you have a browser installed on your computer, the Manual will open automatically, and you should see the title page. (You can actually leave the manual OPEN in the background while you are running ESYPSY, and swap between the two with the taskbar at the bottom of the screen)

Now test the “ESYPSY” icon – The main ESYPSY program should start up, and present you with a BLACK box labelled “ – MAIN ESYPSY MENU – "


Time for a celebration! (Or a cup of spicy hot herb tea, anyway…)


STEP 4: Now tell ESYPSY a little about Yourself and about your Printer:

  1. Start up the ESYPSY program (if you haven’t already..)

  2. Go to “Main Menu” – “6. Registration…”

  3. Fill in the details required in the first 10 fields on this screen, then press <F10> to save and exit back to the Main Menu. (Note: If you don’t know what to fill in for no.10 - “SMTP Server”, See Appendix F of this manual for assistance.)

  4. Go to “Main Menu” – “7. Set up your Printer”

  5. Choose the printer which most closely matches your printer, then press <ENTER> to go to the next page. (Note: The default printer "WINPRINT" will work in just about every case - don't change it unless you have a good reason)

  6. From here, you can TEST your printer by pressing <T>.

NOTE: If you've chosen the WINPRINT option, ESYPSY will launch a program called "DLLPRINT" which should pop up on the screen. In some cases, DLLPRINT appears on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, but doesn't pop up. You'll need to click (with your mouse) on the DLLPRINT icon on the taskbar to activate it. Then you can choose your printer from DLLPRINT, see a print preview, and print.


Now you’ve installed ESYPSY, told it who you are, and what printer you are using. You’re ready to enter your first set of accounts. Go on to chapter 3.


Uninstalling ESYPSY (although, why you’d want to do this is anybody’s guess..)

If you are sure you don’t want to use ESYPSY any more, and you are prepared to delete ALL the data you’ve entered with ESYPSY, you can uninstall it easily.

  1. Click “Start” -> “Programs” -> “Esypsy” -> “UNINSTALL”

  2. Click “Uninstall” again, to confirm that this is REALLY what you want to do….

  3. And ESYPSY will vanish from your computer completely!

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