Chapter 1:


(30 August 2010)

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Ok, so what is ESYPSY anyway?

ESYPSY is a simple, easy-to-use, double-entry accounting system for New Zealand small businesses and individuals.

Some features of ESYPSY:

  1. It uses a Text-Only interface. No pretty pictures, mouse-clicks, or windows.

  2. Sample charts of accounts are provided for you to use “as is”. Modify one of them, or Create your own completely customised set of accounts.

  3. ESYPSY is a true “Double-Entry” system. It enters Debits and Credits automatically, and won’t let you “Unbalance” your books.

  4. As you enter transactions, ESYPSY gives you a constant running bank balance so that you can check your accuracy as you go.

  5. It also checks your data entry – it warns you if you try to debit or credit a wrong type of account.

  6. ESYPSY calculates GST on all liable income and expenditure categories.

  7. You can enter multi-part transactions, e.g. when a single cheque is “split” into a number of different expenditure codes.

  8. You can have multiple Bank Cheque accounts if you wish, but…

  9. You can mix Business and Personal transactions freely. ESYPSY keeps the totals completely separate for you, so you don’t really need multiple cheque accounts.

  10. ESYPSY remembers your transactions for all months of the current year, as well as for the previous year, so…You can print Reports for any month of the financial year (or the previous year)

  11. The Debtors/Creditors Invoicing module lets you send out Tax Invoices/Statements, and ESYPSY will keep track of amounts owing by each debtor.

  12. There is an attached Stock module for use with Invoicing

  13. At the end of each year, ESYPSY will take care of end-of-year postings of Revenue to Equity automatically, and start the new year with zero balances in the Income and Expenditure accounts. All Debtors and Creditors balances will be carried forward automatically, as well as other Asset and Liability account balances.

  14. ESYPSY is very Flexible, and can be used in a host of situations, from the very simple to the very complex. You are restricted only by your imagination!

ESYPSY Reports include the following:

  1. GST Report for any period, spanning any number of months required

  2. Transaction list for any month

  3. Spreadsheet showing monthly totals for all accounts, analysed in groups and subgroups, for the current year or the previous year.

  4. Budget analysis for the current year-to-date, including previous year comparisons of Income and Expenditure.

  5. End-Of-Year Tax Department Reports, i.e. Financial Performance and Position (or Profit/Loss and Balance Sheet statements)

Specific Requirements to run ESYPSY:

  1. ESYPSY will run in all versions of Windows (W’95, W’98, ME, XP, NT, W’2000), EXCEPT Windows 3.x (i.e. – for Experts – it runs under any 32-bit Windows Platform).

  2. ESYPSY has also been successfully run under LINUX (with WINECONSOLE), but you need to be a bit of a LINUX expert to make it work well…

Paying for ESYPSY:

You can download and try ESYPSY out for free for 600 transactions, to decide if you like it. (600 transactions should last a small business or individual at least 6 months)

If you decide to continue using it after this, you need to purchase more “Transaction Credits”. This table gives you an idea of how much it will cost for a small business which has about 50 to 100 transactions per month.



No. of Transactions



100 (enough for about 1 or 2 months)



600 (enough for about 6 months to 1 year)



1,000 (enough for about 1 to 2 years)

(You can purchase any number of credits at a time)

To work out how much ESYPSY will cost you per month, here’s a rule of thumb: Look at your bank statements, and find the average number of transactions per month. Multiply by 1.2 (i.e. add 20%), and you’ve got the approximate number of ESYPSY transactions per month you’ll need to purchase at 2c per transaction.

There is a simple procedure to purchase more credits, which involves sending me some money and your “ESYPSY Registration Code”. I will then send you a “Credit Purchase Key” which you type into the ESYPSY program, and, Hey Presto! your credit balance will increase as if by magic! See Appendix D for details on how to purchase Credits.

You’ll have to trust me here, just as I’ll have to trust you to not use my program beyond the number of credits that you’ve purchased. If you do decide to use ESYPSY without buying any credits, the program will NOT stop working, but it will remind you every time you start it up, that you really should be a nice person and pay to use it. (A “Nag” screen, if you like….)

Go ahead, Download and Install ESYPSY – I’m sure you’ll like it!

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