Appendix F:

Automatic E-Mailing Feature

(14 October 2006)

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ESYPSY has a feature which allows you to send e-mails automatically:

When you ask ESYPSY to send an e-mail to me, it provides me with the following information about your ESYPSY installation: Your Name, Address, E-Mail address, your Credit balance, your ESYPSY Version Number, and your ESYPSY Registration Code (for purchase of credits) It also provides you with a space to send me a message, or to order credits if you wish.

Note: ESYPSY finds this information in the “Registration…” Option 6 on the Main Menu.

If a month goes by without you contacting me by e-mail, ESYPSY will remind you, and ask for permission to go ahead and send me an e-mail. If you don’t want to send me an e-mail, you can always say “NO” when ESYPSY asks for permission.

At this point, I would like to assure you that I will NOT tell anyone else your e-mail address or any other details about you. I promise.

Now: How to make this feature work.

To test the Automatic e-Mailing system:

  1. Go to Option 6 (“Registration and Purchase of Credits”) from the Main Menu, and answer “Y” for the question at the bottom: “Send Automatic E-Mail NOW?” and press <F10>

  2. You'll need to be connected to the internet now – just open Internet Explorer and connect to the internet if you're not already connected – then click back on the ESYPSY item at the bottom of the screen to re-activate ESYPSY.

  3. ESYPSY will give you three options – Press <Y> to go on…

  4. Now you can write a message (Tell me how many credits you wish to buy, how much you like using ESYPSY, etc…) .. and press <F10>

  5. Then it will try to send an e-mail to me at updates(at)esypsy(dot)co(dot)nz - It will report success or failure.

  6. If it reports “SUCCESS”, then you don’t need to do anything – all is well, and you’ll get an e-mail from me in due course.

  7. If it reports “FAILURE”, then you need to make sure that you’ve entered your E-Mail address and your SMTP Server information correctly in the ESYPSY Registration File, you need to be sure you're connected to the Internet, and you need to make sure that your WINSOCK program is up-to-date (if you’re using Windows 95) – see the instructions below…and then try again.

  8. (NB: Don’t forget to DISCONNECT – by RIGHT-clicking the network icon in the system tray on the right hand bottom corner of your screen, and clicking <Disconnect>. Otherwise your computer will stay on-line until you turn your computer off!!)

How to find your SMTP Server’s name:

Here’s how you’d do it with Outlook Express:

  1. Start the Outlook Express program

  2. Click <Tools> - <Accounts> - <Mail>

  3. Select the account which has “Default” next to it, and click <Properties>

  4. Select the <Servers> tab, and look for “Outgoing Mail”.

  5. Write down the name of the server in this field (It will look something like: or etc.)

Now go back to ESYPSY Main Menu Option 6: “Registration…” and fill in the name of the SMTP server in the correct place. Don’t forget to press <F10> to save the details.

How to Update your WINSOCK program: (You only need to do this if you're running an old version of Windows 95!)

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