Appendix D:

How to Purchase more Credits

(30 August 2010)

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As you already know, you pay for ESYPSY as you use it. The more you use, the more you pay. I think the price is very reasonable, but it’s up to you to decide if you think so too.

When you install ESYPSY, you get 6 free credits (enough for 600 transactions). This should be enough for you to get a good feel for the program, before you decide whether you want to continue using it. (In an average situation, 600 transactions should be enough for at least 6 months’ worth of data entry.)

The cost of ESYPSY is $2.00 (NZ) per Credit. At this stage, each credit buys you 100 transactions. (So that’s 2c per transaction.) It’s possible that this charge may rise in the future, but it won’t ever be more than to cover inflation. If I find that I’m making too much money from ESYPSY sales, I’ll either give some of it away to charity, or I’ll reduce the price. That’s not a joke. I promise.

As you use ESYPSY, you’ll notice that the number of Credits remaining (on the Main Menu Screen) will slowly decrease. When this number gets less than 4.00, it will start to warn you that you should start thinking about purchasing more credits. You do not have to purchase credits yet, however – this is just an advisory notice.

When your credits drop below 1.00, (less than 100 transactions left), you should purchase more. See below.

If you use up all your credits, you should stop using ESYPSY until you purchase more. ESYPSY will not stop working, however. You CAN continue to use it, but it will become an “UNREGISTERED” copy. The word “UNREGISTERED” will print out on all your reports and all your invoices, as a conscience-pricker, to encourage you to pay me some money.

How to purchase more credits:

  1. Go to the Main Menu, Option 6: “Registration and Purchase of Credits”

  2. Write down your “Registration Code” from the screen (carefully) onto a piece of paper

  3. Contact me by one of the methods below, and send me your “Registration Code” which you wrote down on the piece of paper.

  4. I will then send you a “Credit Purchase Key” which you need to type in the space provided on the ESYPSY screen.

  5. If neither of us has made any mistakes, your Purchase Key will be verified, and the number of credits held by your ESYPSY program will increase accordingly.

  6. Note: Your Registration Code will change as well – so when you need more credits later on, you will need to provide me with the new code, not the old one!

Alternatively, you can use the Automatic E-Mail feature to order credits. (See Appendix F)

Contacting me:

Whichever way you choose to contact me, you will need to provide me with your Registration Code, your contact details (Name, address, phone no, e-mail address), how many credits you wish to purchase at $2.00 each, and either a cheque or a request for me to send you an account. Use the form on the next page, if you wish, to make it easier.



Please send a copy of this form (with your cheque) to:

Albie Burgers, 386 Long Plain Road,Kotinga, TAKAKA 7172 (New Zealand)

OR: Email a cut-and-pasted copy of this form (with your request for billing) to: sales(at)esypsy(dot)co(dot)nz

OR: (Only if it’s URGENT) – Phone me on (03) 525-9138, and if I’m home, I’ll deal with your request over the phone.

Your Name:

Your Address:

Your Phone number:

Your e-mail address:

Your ESYPSY Registration Code

(Please enter this very carefully!):

How do you want me to send you your ESYPSY Credit Purchase Key? (e.g. By Phone, E-Mail, or Mail – Tick one)




How many credits do you wish to purchase? (each credit buys you 100 transactions)

Calculate the cost, at $2.00 (NZ) per credit :

Have you enclosed a cheque, or do you wish to be billed? (Tick one) :



(Please make your cheque out to “Albie Burgers”)

(Please note that billing will incur an extra charge of $3.00)

Thank you for using ESYPSY,

Albie Burgers.

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